Our Vision is to be:

Our agenda is totally focused on Jesus. Holding out real hope to others is the most loving and generous thing we can possibly do. For everyone who is a disciple of Jesus there is nothing more important than spreading the hope found in Jesus.


Our Purpose is to:

To love God truly we need to come to Him through Jesus the Messiah. A relationship with God can never be on the basis of any personal merit but on grace alone found in the Good News of Jesus crucified, risen and ascended. The deeper this relationship becomes the more we fulfil the reason for which we were created.
Becoming followers of Jesus through faith in what He has done for us means that we are to model ourselves on Jesus and live in a way that reflects our loyalty to Him. Every person redeemed in Christ has the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit to enable the process of personal growth in Christ-likeness. The more we are known as Jesus like people the greater positive influence we will have on those around us.
Coming into a relationship with God our Creator means we enter into His family and are called to live out the principles of love, grace, mercy and mutual responsibility. It is through living as a community of faith that we become the City on a Hill which Jesus talked about.
When people come to faith in Jesus they find forgiveness, redemption and Eternal Life. This is a life changing experience. The person of faith also becomes a member of God’s family and is guaranteed a place in His Eternal Kingdom. This is the ‘pearl of great price’ that is the most important treasure in life (Matt 13:46). The core business of every Christian is to share this wonderful, life changing message with anyone and everyone (Matt 28:19-20, John 3:16, 1 Peter 3:15-16).
Our mission is to make sure that there will be more and more manifestations of His kingdom at work in our world right now. As followers of Jesus we are enlisted to be part of this process by performing acts of mercy and kindness as we spread the Good News of eternal hope in Jesus the Messiah. God’s Word clearly expresses His passion to see practical mercy and justice in our society (Is 58:6-7, James 1:27).