Land in Batman Road set aside by the Presbyterian Church in Victoria.

April 1958
Services began, held in a nearby home.

May 1958
Eltham is officially declared a congregation.

General purpose hall designed and built at current Batman Road location by Alistair Knox & Associates.

March 1959
Hall officially opened.
Rev. Roy Merritt appointed as the first (part-time) minister.

Adjoining block of land purchased and a manse erected.

Old Diamond Creek Coffee Lounge purchased for £50, moved and rebuilt into the ‘Youth Building’ (current hall).

At time of Church Union, Eltham decides to remain Presbyterian rather than join the Uniting Church.

August 1996
Current pastor, Rev. Don Elliott inducted.

Adjoining land and residence with Main Road frontage purchased.

Rear of new land developed for extra car-parking spaces.

December 2009
Extension to main auditorium completed, catering for growing congregation.